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How to choose restauant furniture?

Here are some tips to help you to choose suitable furniture for your restaurant.


First of all, to determine the style of the restaurant, different decoration style need to choose different styles of dining furniture.

Second, to determine the size of furniture, it is best to draw a CAD floor plan, according to the actual size of the furniture, do some plan to set aside, leaving the appropriate channel to the general channel for 80-120CM.

Third, the selection of food and beverage furniture, the material on the market a lot of furniture, to choose a suitable for their own restaurant furniture to comply with the following principles: 1. With the decoration style to coordinate, taking into account the practical and durability, catering furniture The choice of the desktop must choose to consider waterproof, easy to clean, not easy to scratch. 3. Structural safety, dining chair bearing capacity to be more than 150KG.

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