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Will you purchase furniture from North or Sounth of China?

What is difference of furniture from North and South of China?


Furniture from South,


Look at the positioning: the South furniture brand to European-style, American-style, this aspect is subject to the influence of foreign culture and the environment, but also by its large export value, corresponding to the domestic market, the vast majority of Guangdong brand laid , The main line of high-end line main line of the market.


Look at the design: start early, large-scale, long-term export and other subjective reasons, so that the South furniture in the design concept ahead, dare to innovate, and even with the international design is similar, and when these advantages are used in the domestic products, Become its greatest competitiveness. Industry insiders said, "the South brand in Europe for a long time to do furniture exports at the same time also learned a lot, do not deny the early in the imitation, but now many brands have to work out their own way, and the establishment of research and development departments, Popular thinking of people thinking. "


Look at the production: from the industrial chain, long-term processing for large quantities of foreign products, but also to ensure quality, the South is indeed more experienced furniture. From the choice of materials, hardware is good or bad, the merits of the processing technology, cost control and other industrial chain in the details of the point of view, the experience of the South brand can be better control, and accurately find every product The value of the body, to enlarge it into a selling point.


To see the boss: the boss of the South furniture business has more successful businessmen in the strategy, strategy development, tactical execution, day-to-day management and other aspects to seek the interests of the maximization as a benchmark, pragmatic and efficient.


 Furniture from North


Look at the location: North furniture is always standing in the people heap children fought to develop, close to the people's life design, accurate market positioning so that they also have a lot of fans customers.


Look at the service: North furniture brand factory direct, more efficient, close links in the various aspects of the price of furniture in the north by the market at any time to adjust, and logistics facilities, services are in place to occupy the advantage.


Look at the channel: for the production enterprises, the North is the biggest feature of furniture marketing is attached to the store, the main channel marketing.


Look at the cost: the majority of the northern furniture enterprises inland, whether it is land use costs, labor costs, or financing costs and government support, relative to the South furniture enterprises have a strong advantage.


North and South furniture companies have their own good also have short board


Comprehensive view of the South furniture business and the northern furniture business, whether urban or male neighbors have their own advantages, but also have their own short board.


South furniture industry chain is more mature but lack of targeted domestic consumption, while the north into the need to address the service radius and storage problems.

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